Your lifestyle and business style will change!
KURONURI is an application that is available when and as much as you need. You can use it for your lifestyle and business scene.
KURONURI is rebranding

The service will be available in 500 cities in 70 countries and territories worldwide.
Rolls-Royce offers unlimited area rides without reservation

It is an application which makes your lifestyle active at every scene.

We are planning to expand it to more than 500 cities in 70 countries,including Canada and the U.S.A.
We are providing various despatch services including agricultural heavy equipment and Rolls Royceboarding service without any reservation using smartphones.
We can also provide such services as your helpers and exclusive staff having special skills.
Boarding service depending on your needs
It is available 24 hours on demand without any reservation.
Depending on your lifestyle

KURONURI does not request any annoying terms of use.
You can use it even for a short time.

For your business

You can use KURONURI service unlimitedly, such as for your customers’
courtesy and your business, only when you need it.

On your special day

KURONURI supports any events you organize.
Please ask us anything for creating a surprise or photo taking etc.

List of KURONURI service
Get a free application
Get a free application now and try to board a Rolls Royce. You can download it through AppStore and PlayStore.

comming soon

comming soon

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